How lucky can a girl get?


Not only am I in my happy place right now, but it has been made even more happy because I have been joined by people that I love…And they love me back!!

The past few blogs have been extremely painful to write, as they were about the loss of my sweet Momma.   However, I spent enough time with her to know that what made her happy, was to see those she loved happy, so I trust that she is smiling down on me with laughter tonight.  I just wish she was here so that she could actually meet all of these lovely new people in my life…I know they would have loved her too!!

As many of you will recall, about a year and a half ago, I was lucky enough to get DNA results and a very close match that led me to this wonderful family named “Kalman”.   A match with my Aunt Nan was the beginning of an unimaginable journey for me that continues today!!!

Yesterday was the beginning of a reunion like none other…because of where it is and who is surrounding me!

It all started with a message from my Uncle Robert a few months ago, letting me know that he and his wife were going to be vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  He asked me if that was where Brad and I usually vacation?   And I told him anytime we get the chance?!   He asked if we happened to have any trips there scheduled for September and I told him no, but we were planning to go in the fall.  Long story short, he gave me their dates… And I made it work!!  And once I made it work, my sweet sister, Patty, and her husband, Larry, Aunt Carol and Uncle Vernon, and Aunt Nan and her daughter, Carla, all wanted to come too!   So we just planned a nice beach family reunion!!

So tonight, Uncle Robert and his lovely wife, Aunt Dena, drove into Gulf Shores from Texas and my sister, Patty, and I just got to meet them for the very first time!!  And they were just as sweet and kind, as we thought they would be?!   He hugged me so hard, he bent my eyeglasses?!   And do I care???   Uuuummmm NO!!   What a sweet, real and genuine hug…You know, the real “bear hug” kind of hug…One that makes you know that you are loved.

My sister Patty and I have cried more than once today…Not because we are sad, but because we are overwhelmed with the love we feel from this “family” that we now get to call our own.  We can’t believe our good fortune.  And even though, we aren’t getting connected to our birth mother, we feel so very lucky to have all of these other lovely people who have accepted us, welcomed us, and made us feel so loved.   Our only regret is that we just found all of them this past year…And we are pretty sure they would have loved us…FOREVER.   We asked Uncle Robert tonight at dinner if he would have been that “cool Uncle” that got us wine and beer when we were younger?  And “Of course I would” was his reply.

Keeping this blog short because I am having too much fun right now to write a long blog, plus y’all are probably tired of my long blogs after the last two!!   There will be more on this reunion I am sure, but in keeping with my Sunday blog schedule, to keep me accountable and in check, here is hopefully enough to make you want to read more about these wonderful new additions to my family and the adventures we are about to enjoy!!

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